1. Personalized Management: Each order is handled with a personalized touch, ensuring first-hand attention.

2. Production Versatility: We have the capacity to produce both small trial quantities and large production volumes, adapting to your specific needs.

3. Design Flexibility: We offer a flexible structure to accommodate your specific product designs and delivery requirements.

4. In-House Design Team: We have an in-house team for product design and development, facilitating the creation of unique products.

5. Swift Sample Development: We provide excellent service and can develop prototypes within 15 days in most cases.

6. Cutting-Edge Technology: We utilize state-of-the-art machinery from Santoni and Lonati in the seamless garment and control shapewear industry.

7. Competitive Pricing: : Our competitive cost structure allows us to compete with any country in the world, further complemented by our strategic location.

8. Social Responsibility: We maintain a strong commitment to social responsibility towards our workers.

9. International Standards Compliance: Our operations and facilities adhere to all international quality standards.

10. Efficient Transportation: We offer shorter transportation times to the United States compared to Asia or India, with air shipments taking as little as 3 days.

11. Bilingual Communication: Our management is fluent in both Spanish and English, ensuring efficient and effective communication.


Working with Industrias Taufik SAS provides you with a wide range of advantages, from personalized attention to strong social responsibility, all supported by our experience in the apparel industry.